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PictureThe real life "Lydia" with her daughter, "Jane."
I wrote this play to honor three women in my family: my mother (who died recently in hospice), my mother-in-law (who has begun her end-of-life journey), and my daughter (who may take that trip with me someday).

The Christmas season has always been an important time for my family. As in so many families, the traditions have been kept alive primarily by the women. We pass things down and add to the mix with each generation: a recipe for sticky toffee pudding, a new arrangement of an old carol, a handmade ornament for the tree.

This play is about loss, but also about joy.

The loved ones we've lost are especially missed at times of celebration, and that's as it should be; if their absence doesn't make us ache, then we've forgotten how important they were to us. I always miss these women, and the others I knew and loved, now long gone. But I hope that we will also always feel the joy that I know they felt when they kept Christmas with us.

I would like to thank the nurses of Lower Cape Fear Hospice & Life Care Center in North Carolina for their work to improve end of life care.

-Francey Howe



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